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All information and rules in these terms and conditions apply to the foodporty.com website as well as other websites that link to foodporty.com. The company FoodPort GmbH is managed by the legal or natural persons listed in the imprint. Special regulations of legal entities in partnerships with various traders are expressly reserved. We would like to point out that we reserve the right to change the information and the rules for the use of our services at any time. These changes are binding.
Subject to other regulations, the operator, FoodPort, is the owner of the platform. However, all companies, brands, names, designations, logos, in part pictures, designs, texts and other materials used on the platform do not belong to the operator of the platform, but to the listed partners. Product images that can be found in the store belong to FoodPort GmbH. The design of the platform was created by the operators and therefore belongs to FoodPort. Rights of use, intellectual property rights and other rights are not acquired by downloading, copying or accessing. Without the written consent or confirmation of the operator, linking, connecting, transmitting, partial or complete reproduction, alteration, modification or use of the platform for public or commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.
The operator does not guarantee the use or access to the platform. Furthermore, the operator does not guarantee anything regarding the backup or archiving of the transmitted data. FoodPort excludes negligence and any kind of liability that arises from the access or connection between the users and the platform or individual elements thereof and from the use. All websites linked on the platform that do not belong to the domains of FoodPort are not the property of the operator of the platform. For this reason, these sites are not controlled or monitored by the operator. At the same time, this also means that the operator declines any responsibility for the content and compliance with the statutory data protection regulations by the operators of linked websites. PET bottles will not be taken back when delivered with the help of the delivery partners. Glass bottles with and without depot, canned food packaging in cans and glass as well as packaging cartons must be disposed of by the customer himself.
The operator excludes any liability for the sending and transmission of data of any kind via the Internet. Even though Switzerland enjoys a reputation for a high level of data protection, there is no question of safe data traffic. However, FoodPort guarantees the encryption of all data packets. The board driver points out that data can also be transferred abroad.
On the website of foodporty.com customers have the possibility to subscribe to the newsletter. The subscription can be cancelled at any time and is not connected with any obligations.
The operator points out that he can only evaluate data for statistical purposes without the permission of the customer, but does not pass this data on to third parties. However, exceptions will be made if exceptional situations arise, such as interventions by law enforcement agencies, which by law have more rights and power than the operator. The data of all customers is saved because all access data (e.g. date, time, IP address etc.) is saved when accessing the platform. Without the consent of the customer, which can only be regulated by separate declaration, all data will be treated confidentially. Otherwise, all data shall remain within the FoodPort company.
Third-party services, mainly Instagram, Google Analytics and Facebook-"Like/like", are represented on the operator's platform. The operator points out that these services can often store files, mostly in the form of cookies, on the customer's computer in order to analyze surfing behavior. Among other things, the IP address is also recorded and saved. The operator can use these services to evaluate the own website and to create statistics. The operator of the platform may then use these statistics to display and manage interest-related advertising. It should be noted that this information can and may also be transferred to other third parties at home and abroad. In foreign countries there is no adequate legal data protection. The intervention of this data processing can only be prevented with great effort and is the responsibility of the platform operator. By using the platform, you agree to the processing of the data collected about you in the manner and for the purpose described above and acknowledge that the operator assumes no liability whatsoever.
The operator makes every effort to store personal data securely. Nevertheless, the operator is not liable for hack attacks and further and similar illegal digital attacks.
The operator points out that the value added tax has already been included in all prices. He is also anxious to update all prices as soon as possible, but delays may occur. The operator guarantees that all additional costs have been calculated fairly and transparently for the benefit of both parties.
Products cannot be ordered in excess quantities. The respective order limit, which is determined by the management, must be observed for each order. No products offered on the platform are the property of the online store operator. FoodPort acts only as an intermediary. The operator is available to each customer for questions, suggestions or other requests. In order to obtain specific answers regarding product content, Foodport recommends establishing direct contact with the manufacturer or retailer. The operator also points out that it can happen that products do not look exactly as shown in the picture. Products containing alcohol are not sold to minors. The field to be clicked on during registration is decisive, which confirms that customers are of age. All data provided on the platform is binding.
If the customer is not ready to receive the ordered goods as agreed due to his/her private situation, the courier will leave the goods in front of the apartment/front of the house. The operator and his vendors are not liable for the condition of the food if the customer is not able to receive his food in time. It can happen that, depending on the type of shipment, sellers can use GPS data and photos to determine the location of the parcels deposited with the customer and thus have proof of the location. As soon as the goods have been deposited at the customer's premises, FoodPort and the retailers involved no longer assume liability.
If for various reasons the vendors are not able to deliver the goods within 2-3 working days as agreed, there is no right to claim for damages. The quantity actually delivered is shown on the final delivery bill and on the invoice. The operator/vendor does not offer redirection.
Orders already confirmed cannot be changed or cancelled due to the administrative effort. The operator and its vendors will try to adjust this in the foreseeable future and in favor of the customer.
Drinks / food as well as medical products are excluded from the right of return for hygienic reasons and safety considerations. The same applies to food supplements and other remedies.
By the operation of the return the customer claims thus a service of the respective selected supplier. Thus the customer is obligated to pay for the full amount. Thus all discounts, which were considered with the order entrance are void. The customer carries thus the full forwarding expenses.
Our retailers run a grocery store which contains highly frequented food products. This means that there is always fresh food on the shelves. After placing an online order, they take a look at the expiration date to make sure that nothing expires after one month (canned food). But do you want to store a larger quantity and need a longer shelf life? Contact us: https://www.foodporty.com/contact. We will inquire for you, which durability is available. You can also contact the vendor directly.
Products and labels change after a certain time. Our product images were all created in a long procedure and were very time consuming. Therefore they are rarely replaced by newer ones at the moment. Always refer to the product description! Manufacturer date and design may vary.
Our product images were all created in a lengthy procedure and are rarely updated. Please note that the label and the vintage may not be correct. Do you want to be sure what you order? → Contact us: https://www.foodporty.com/contact. We will inquire for you, which vintages will be delivered.
In case of recognizable strong external damages we ask you to refuse acceptance. If you have not immediately recognized the damage, please contact us at customerservice@foodporty.com. Send us immediately also the appropriate pictures of the damage. We will contact the seller regarding your case of damage.
By default, you will be contacted via e-mail. Please also check your junk folder for this. We also take the liberty of informing you by SMS as soon as your package is ready. However, the SMS is triggered manually and is therefore much slower than our e-mail system.
Cold goods include all products that must guarantee compliance with the cold chain regulations for delivery. These products are divided into two categories according to the amount of work involved in the webshop: Fresh products, Frozen products. A delivery surcharge is added to these product categories. This will be shown on the delivery bill.
With our refrigerated goods dispatch we maintain the uninterrupted cold chain in accordance with the regulations. In order to guarantee this, the dispatch must be processed quickly. The chilled goods are only handed over to the supplier from Monday to Thursday so that they can arrive during the working days. Friday is an exception, but the retailer can also send packages containing refrigerated products on that day. Also, your package will be deposited unsolicited in front of your door when you are not at home. The liability is transferred to the buyer from the time of delivery. Vendors can use cooling pads, drinking water bottles or chests for cooling.