Welcome to FoodPorty Marketplace!

FoodPorty is a marketplace for retailers, wholesalers and private customers. We enable vendors to sell food to all parties. Our goal is to provide each vendor with a digital platform on which vendors can sell their products nationwide.
We are active in every country worldwide.
As a retailer you do not have to reckon with fixed costs. You pay FoodPorty a fixed commission for each order paid by the customer. The amount of the commission varies from country to country and can be freely determined by the platform operator. The packaging material and other costs incurring in connection with shipping the order are borne by the vendor.
We charge a 3% commission on the first five orders placed with FoodPorty. This commission is limited to a maximum amount of 500 CHF. Example: So if the order is 20'000 CHF, 3% would be 600 CHF. But we only charge 500 CHF. After successful completion of five orders, you only pay a fixed monthly amount. The amount of this amount varies depending on the merchant.
Compared to other platforms, we provide clean data for our vendors. The FoodIndex is a representation of the data. As a vendor you can select products from the FoodIndex and transfer them to the marketplace. We, FoodPorty, are responsible for the images, nutritional information, etc. We do this to minimize your effort. After all, selling online should be fast and simple.
No need to worry. The seller of your products has received your order. The seller will now check his inventory and if necessary remove products from the order. He will notify you when he is done removing products. Afterwards your order will be released for payment and you will receive an email with a payment request.
The vendor has the possibility to remove products from your order. You will always be contacted as soon as this happens. This will of course also affect the total amount of your order, because it will be decrease when ever products are removed. If you have not been informed about this, please contact us immediately. (customerservice@foodporty.com)
Contact us here: customerservice@foodporty.com.
Payments are made directly to the seller. Only Paypal and direct bank transfers are accepted.
No, the displayed wholesale price is the standard price that all users see at a glance. The seller has the possibility to give individual discounts. But these always refer to the category of the products. (For example, the seller can give you a customzed discount of 10% on all red wines). A discount targeted to a specific product is not possible.
How the transport of the ordered goods is handled is up to the vendor. We recommend to conclude contracts with companies like DHL, UPS, DHL, FedEx, etc.
The chauffeur is not obliged to do this, but he can choose to do so. Usually chauffeurs only hand you the package at the main entrance. There may be exceptions, but this depends on the chauffeur.
Our vendors try to execute all orders as uncomplicated and complete as possible. This does not usually happen! However, since it is humans who pack your parcels, mistakes may occur. Therefore please always check your package for completeness. It is in our highest interest that you are satisfied with our service. If products are missing, contact the seller.
The shipping conditions can be determined by the seller without restriction. However, we recommend a maximum package weight of 25 - 30kg.
Vendors need one to two days after receiving your payment to ship the package.
You and the vendor will each receive a confirmation email from us.
There are three possible scenarios: Either your order is taken back, taken to a partner store near your home or left on your doorstep. If you have any questions, please contact the vendor you ordered from. He can best give you information about his shipping partner.
The seller is free to set the delivery conditions. For example, if you order as a private customer from a retailer, the retailer can charge you 9.95 CHF shipping costs. (CHF = Swiss Francs) This fee is charged per package. The maximum package weight can also be determined by the merchant. It is usually between 25kg and 31kg. If your products weigh more than the specified maximum weight, the system will automatically create a second package. Thus, you would have to pay for two packages. However, the merchant can optionally set from a certain order value onwards that the shipping costs for one package are waived. Here is an example: Let's assume you order products worth 630 CHF. Your package weighs 77kg. The merchant has limited the maximum weight to 25kg per package and waives the shipping charges for one package in one order only from an order value of 250 CHF. Your order value is 630 CHF, therefore the cost of two packages is eliminated, because 2 x 250 CHF is included in 630 CHF. Since your order weighs 77kg, you would actually have to pay for three packages. However, two are omitted, so you pay the shipping costs for this order once. If your order contains fresh products such as vegetables and fruit or frozen products such as meat, a surcharge will be added to the order.
The seller is free to set the terms of delivery. If the merchant delivers, he usually has a minimum order value. Below this value you cannot place an order. Between two values, you will be charged a delivery fee, and above a certain order value, the delivery costs can be completely eliminated. Here is an example: The seller sets that a wholesale order must be at least 100 CHF, the delivery fee is 50 CHF and from an order value of 500 CHF the shipping is free. (CHF = Swiss Francs) If you order for 25 CHF, for example, you will not be able to checkout because you are below the minimum order value. If you order for 125 CHF, you will be charged 50 CHF shipping costs. If you order for 600 CHF, the shipping costs are waived. If the merchant does not deliver, you have to pick up the goods. However, the seller can still set a minimum order value.