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Orahovac Walnut Liqueur-Famous liqueur worldwide


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Orahovac walnut liqueur is a Croatian liqueur made from unripe green walnuts. Its smell is just like the fragrance of spices. Walnut is bitter and is often enjoyed after dinner. It can also be used to add strength to winter cocktails. It is the "Most Famous Liqueur in the World". We can trace its history back thousands of years ago when the Celts dominated Central Europe. Today multiple versions of this liqueur can be found throughout Central Europe. It is still an exceptional drink to locate in the UK. The latest British made Demijohn Walnut liqueur is proof of my statement.

Orahovac Walnut Liqueur uses:

orahovac Walnut

Walnut Liqueur is the perfect drink for sipping on cold winter nights by the fire. It has an espresso color, it's dark, contains aroma of spices and citrus with the slight bitterness of the walnuts, it has luxurious sweetness and a warming hint of cloves just conjure up the idea of Christmas in a wineglass. Other nut-based liqueurs appears less in an evaluation. Orahovac Walnut Liqueur has long used liqueurs made from Walnuts for their medicinal properties. When you are feeling poorly, give this drink a shot and sip it.

It is very well suited as an after-dinner digestive in a comfortable chair by the fire. It also makes a great cheese drink, especially with crème caramel. The liqueur can also be added to coffee or hot chocolate for a dissolute treat, poured over ice-cream as a topping, or even as an ingredient to make boozy, grown-up ice cream.  After winter has passed, try it in a tall glass with ginger beer and ice.

Orahovac Walnut Liqueur Types:

Wherever there is an abundance of growing walnuts, you will see black walnut liqueur there. This seems to exist in the region around Central Europe from Italy, Southern Germany, Croatia to France. The mainly well known version, Nocino, originates from the Emilia Romagna region in Northern Italy, however, not so widely traveled from the regions where they are made. Similarly to drinks such as Licor de Nuez from Spain, Orechovka from the Czech Republic, and Diolikor from Hungary. By tradition, green walnuts are harvested on the eve of San Giovanni (Saint John), 24th June. They are then left to soak in a mixture of alcohol and spices to ward off evil spirits. For the duration of this time, the flavor and color from the walnuts are extracted. First a light greenish, yellow color, leading to what appears to be black is an extremely dark green. However, once the liqueur is uncovered to air during the filtering process, a chemical transformation occurs and the liqueur really turns black.

orahovac Walnut

Badel walnut liqueuer

What makes Orahovac Walnut Liqueur special?

Orahovac Walnut Liqueur is a traditional liqueur from the Balkan region, particularly popular in countries like Serbia and Croatia. What makes Orahovac Walnut Liqueur special are the following characteristics:

  1. Unique Flavor: Orahovac Walnut Liqueur has a distinct and rich flavor profile. It is made by steeping green unripe walnuts in a combination of alcohol, sugar, and various spices. This infusion process gives the liqueur a deep, nutty taste with hints of bitterness and sweetness.

  2. Traditional Craftsmanship: Orahovac Walnut Liqueur is often made using traditional methods that have been passed down through generations. The process involves selecting young green walnuts, hand-picking them, and carefully extracting the juice and flavors from the walnuts. This artisanal approach adds to the uniqueness and cultural heritage of the liqueur.

  3. Cultural Significance: Orahovac Walnut Liqueur holds cultural significance in the Balkan region. It is commonly consumed during festive occasions, celebrations, and family gatherings. It is often seen as a symbol of hospitality and tradition, and its presence on the table is a reflection of the warm and welcoming Balkan hospitality.

  4. Versatility in Consumption: Orahovac Walnut Liqueur can be enjoyed in various ways. It can be sipped neat as a digestif, served over ice, or used as a base in cocktails. Additionally, it is sometimes used in culinary preparations, such as in desserts or as an ingredient in traditional recipes.

  5. Nutritional Properties: Walnuts themselves are known for their nutritional value, being rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and other beneficial compounds. While the exact nutritional content may vary depending on the specific preparation and brand, Orahovac Walnut Liqueur can provide a touch of these nutritional benefits.

It's important to note that the specific characteristics and quality of Orahovac Walnut Liqueur can vary among different brands and producers. Exploring different brands and variations can lead to discovering unique flavor profiles and nuances within the world of Orahovac Walnut Liqueur.

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