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Astonishing health benefits and side effects of Cloves


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Cloves (Syzygium aromaticum) are the most famous and utilized spices in the whole world. Their sweet and spicy aroma lends dishes and pastries a distinctive depth in flavor that you can spot once you take a bite. Clove is a plant grown in parts of  South America and Asia.  People use the leaves,  dried flower buds, oils, and stems to manufacture medicine. This is most common appeal directly to the gums for pain control during dental work, toothache, and other dental-related problems. But there is limited scientific research to brace these and other uses. In manufacturing, cloves are used in cosmetics, toothpastes, perfumes, soaps, and cigarettes. Clove cigarettes, also known as kreteks, mainly contain 60% to 80% tobacco and 20% to 40% ground clove.

Uses of Cloves



  • Research shows that applying a clove cream plus Angelica root, Panax ginseng root,  Zanthoxyl species, Cistanches deserticola, Asiasari root,  Torlidis seed, cinnamon bark or toad venom (SS Cream) to the skin of the penis boosts premature (early) ejaculation.
  • Applying a clove oil cream to anal tears for few weeks enhances healing compared to using stool softeners or applying lidocaine creams.
  • Using a gel containing ground cloves for 6 to 7 minutes before being stuck with a needle can avert needle stick pain.
  • Cloves contain several important minerals and vitamins, which are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds that lower oxidative stress, which can cause the development of chronic disease. They contain a compound called eugenol, which has been shown to act as a natural antioxidant. In fact, a test-tube study states that eugenol stops oxidative damage caused by free radicals six times more effective than vitamin E.
  • The compounds found in cloves can aid to protect against cancer. One test-tube study found out that clove extract assists to stop the growth of tumors and promotes cell death in cancer cells. Another test-tube study had the same results. It shows that concentrated amounts of clove oil caused cell death in 70% of esophageal cancer cells.

Side effects of Cloves

  • Inhaling smoke from clove cigarettes or injecting its oil into the veins is mainly harmful. This can cause side effects such as breathing problems and lung disease.
  •  For children, clove oil is likely unsafe to drink. It can cause extreme side effects such as seizures, liver damage, and fluid imbalances.
  • Clove oil has a chemical named eugenol that seems to slow blood clotting. There is a big concern that using this oil might cause bleeding on people with bleeding disorders.


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