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Kimchi and Honey Dipping Sauce: A Perfect Accompaniment for Dumpling Sauce


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The first thing that usually pops to one’s mind when you have dumplings within reach is anything but dumpling sauce. Most people usually get hold of chili oil, vinegar, teriyaki, etc. And these sauces are remarkable as well. However, what if the dumplings you were given are the frozen type which is low quality? The only way out is to go with a homemade dipping sauce.

Dumpling Sauce

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Please, take note: no one said frozen dumplings are usually not topnotch. Dumplings are frozen to save on both time and effort. Without this, you may have to bear with extended cooking and prep times.

Kimchi and Honey Dipping Sauce

Only a few people have heard of kimchi paste before now. This paste is composed of:     

  • Garlic 
  • Lime juice     
  • Pepper flakes
  • Ginger    
  • Salt     
  • Sugar     
  • Fish sauce     
  • Water

This sharp and punchy pureed kimchi paste is also incredibly refreshing.

How to Make It Dip-Worthy for the Dumpling

Since the kimchi paste is too concentrated and dry for dipping, it will unceremoniously overshadow the dumpling. Therefore, you must make the paste dip-worthy. And this can only be possible with the addition of sesame seeds, melted butter, kimchi paste, and honey. Combine all these ingredients and pour them into a saucepan. Apply heat to the mixture and stir continuously. After approximately 10 seconds, what you will have in the saucepan is thick but smooth enough for dipping your dumpling. The sauce is spicy, buttery, and intensely sweet.

Dumpling Sauce

image source www.FoodPorty.com

What to Do with Leftovers

You can put away the leftover in the fridge where it remains emulsified even after it hardens. You can always heat it on your stove or in the microwave to restore its former glory.

Other Dumpling Dipping Sauces You Can Try


There are several dipping sauces that you can try for variety. They are as follows:

Ponzu-Ginger Dipping Sauce

This is a Japanese sauce that is made using the following ingredients:

  • Bonito flakes
  • Mirin
  • Seaweed
  • Citrus   
  • Vinegar

Ponzu may be great on its own, but there is no harm in enhancing the sauce with other flavors. You can stir in more mirin just for extra flavors, then add grated ginger for exquisite heat. It goes well if the dumplings are stuffed with chicken or vegetables.

Coconut Curry Dipping Sauce

The ingredients used in making this sauce include:

  • Red curry paste
  • Soy sauce
  • Coconut milk
  • Fish sauce    
  • Honey

All you need to do is to cook the red curry paste in coconut milk and mix with the other ingredients. You can intensify the taste of this mildly sweet combination with lime juice and fresh ginger.


The kimchi and honey dipping sauce are economical and intensely tasty. However, you can also try your hands on preparing any of the other dipping sauces listed here. Variety, they say, is the spice of life. So, don’t be fixated on only one type of dumpling sauce. Diversify and enjoy more of what life has to offer by making tasty dumpling dipping sauces every day!

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