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Italian Stuffed Cheesy Capsicum - A colorful Delight


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Italian Food has become pleasing and desired by every foodie across the world after the love for pizza, but today we will share another true Italian recipe named stuffed capsicum or pepper. The recipe has mouthwatering ingredients with the combination of cheese and nuts that will bring not only a good taste but also contains healthy nutrients as well. All bright colors of capsicum like red, yellow and green, are used in this recipe but you can change the variation as per your taste and choice. With Italian flavors and herbs, stuffed capsicum will serve your dining as a perfect lunch or dinner recipe. The roasted capsicum will be filled with mince, nuts, brown rice, and parmesan cheese and serves the best Italian flavors and aromas when combined. This simple Italian style recipe is easy to cook and can be prepared in advance to serve the guests even. All you need is fresh large sized capsicum that could be baked evenly in the oven with all its ingredients. The rustic looking capsicum will be more appealing if you would not remove its stem but its completely optional. Herewith, we are going to prepare capsicum for 6 servings, which you can serve with salad and fries as well. So let's start this colorful recipe and note its ingredients.


  • 6 bell peppers or capsicums
  • 450g minced beef
  • 2 tbsp. olive oil for cooking and some more for drizzling
  • 1 brown onion chopped
  • 1 tsp. dried oregano
  • 1 tbsp. tomato paste
  • Half cup pine nuts
  • Half cup boiled brown rice
  • 2 tbsp. shredded mint leaves
  • 2 tbsp. shredded parsley leaves
  • 1 shredded cube of parmesan cheese
  • 1 whole egg
  • Kosher Salt to taste
  • Grounded Black Pepper
  • 1 shredded cube of Mozzarella Cheese

Preparation Directions

Roasting Capsicum;

  • Cut the capsicum into half and remove seeds while scraping the membrane part thoroughly.
  • Now take a baking tray and place the parchment paper on it.
  • Place up-side of the capsicum side by side on the tray with the contrast of its color after coating it with olive oil inside and outside completely and bake in the oven for 10 minutes at 200°C. Capsicum Filling
  • Heat 2 tbsp. of olive oil in a pan, add one chopped onion and sauté till translucent or light pink.
  • Add dried oregano and minced garlic in the pan and sauté again.
  • Now switch off the flame and let this mixture cool at room temperature.
  • In the other pan, add pine nuts and toast them for a while and then let them cool.
  • Meanwhile, bring the capsicum out from the oven and let them cool too.
  • Now in a big bowl, add minced beef, brown rice, onion mix, tomato paste, mint leaves, parsley leaves, shredded parmesan cheese, roasted pine nuts, 1 whole egg, salt, freshly grounded black pepper, and mix them all with hands equally.
  • Flip the sides of capsicum and fill each half of them with the mince mixture.
  • Top every half of capsicum with shredded mozzarella cheese and bake them again for 40 minutes at 160 centigrade.
  • After oven let them rest for 5 minutes and then transform to a serving dish.
  • The amazing cheesy, crispy and colorful Italian stuffed capsicum is ready to serve, Enjoy!

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