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Sushi - the most famous Japanese dish in the World


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 Sushi is the first word that hits us when Japanese cuisine is revealed. To the outside world, it is perhaps the best known Japanese dish. It is a recipe that contains fish and rice with a flavor of vinegar. However, there are many kinds of Sushi that are weakly known by people outside of Japan. Many foreign tourists visit Japan with an expectation of trying an authentic dish. This dish is available in different styles and price ranges. At traditional Japanese restaurants,  chefs directly take orders from customers at the bar and prepare food in front of them. Kaitenzushi is a more natural and reasonable version of the Japanese restaurant where prepared dish pieces are set on small plates and are delivered on a conveyor belt through tables. Packaged sushi is sold by some shops to take home for reasonable prices.

Kinds of Sushi Today

The dish which we see today is easily and swiftly prepared as it does not need fermentation, and its popularity increased thanks to the thousand times small restaurants served complex variations of this dish. Sushi is a vegetarian dish, but it can be cooked or eaten raw. One can combine it with meat or fish. There are three main types of dishes. They are Maki Sushi, Nigiri Sushi, and Oshi-Sushi. For Nigiri Dish, a slice of raw or cooked fish or shellfish is dipped into a mound of vinegared rice, with small wasabi in between. Nigiri dish uses a small strip of toasted seaweed known as nori to bind the whole mixture together. Nigiri dish is commonly called two-kinds-sushi because it demands two ingredients: sushi rice and a single topping. The topping is also known as neta. It usually takes the form of a kind of seafood such as tuna, eel, haddock, shad, snapper or shrimp. Depending on the kind of fish, it may be served raw in slim slices, grilled or batter fried.

Where to get authentic Japanese Sushi

In traditional restaurants in Japan, this dish can be expensive varying on what you eat. These extra-ordinary restaurants can be found all over the World. Here, you can easily order a set of sushi with a fixed price, which comes in handy for group involvements. You can order your favorite dish pieces as you eat your meal.
For the reasonably priced dish, there are some places called kaiten-zushi, where the dish plates circle around the eating area on a conveyor belt and these kinds of restaurants are also found everywhere in Japan. When you visit such a restaurant, you wait until your favorite dish comes near you, and then pick up the plate from the moving table. If your favorites aren't accessible on the moving table, you can simply order them from the kitchen. Prices for this inexpensive kind of dish vary.

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