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Kosovo Cuisine - Something that you won't forget so fast


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Food From Kosovo

The Kosovo cuisine compatibly contests with the area’s continental climate. The Kosovar daily cuisine, consisting of different pies, harmonizes well with the hot summers and cold winters that occur.  As a result of its continuous history involved with clashes and invasion, Kosovo cuisine has been developed consisting of dishes from various nationalities such as: Albanian, Serbian, Turkish, Greek, Croatian, Italian, and more. Prior to the winter hitting the area, the Kosovars mainly prepare pasterma (dried beef), and make it ready for winter consumption. Other winter dishes preserved by Kosovar include ayvar and pinxhur (paste made of tomatoes, peppers, garlic, eggplants, salt, and oil).



That in itself is a story. Flija is probably the most complicated dish we've ever seen. It takes about 5 hours to do one, and I'm not saying you can leave it to bake, we're talking about 5 hours of constant work and attention. Flija is made by smashing the thin batter (triangular pattern) and cream into a circular saucepan and then baking it with a special lid at a time, one electric or covered with hot coal. It is Simple and tasty.


I was almost drooling at the thought of all the delicious meat to choose from. You can order a different barbecue chop with bread in it, and you can tuck them in (similar to Čevapi). One more time, so simple, so delicious.


Well, I never ordered the whole fish because I was impatient to pick the bones, and if I was honest, I just didn't like to see a face still attached to my food. Having said that, I would still like to order this traditional trout in Kosovo because it is a staple food.


This is one of the best foods of Kosovo cuisine. Kosovars were the masters of the descent by making dips along with the flyers and the baked bread. They also like the impregnation with the cuisine i.e. spicy, yogurt, tomato, pepper, and cheese. The best is Chili cheese impregnation.


Kosovo Cuisine is similar to that of Albanian cuisine and is significantly influenced by Turkish cuisine as well as Balkan cuisine. Common dishes include plums, pies, flying kebab, suxuk, sausages, chili peppers, mutton, beans, Samar, Burjan, Pat and Rice. However, there are slightly different cuisines in different regions. Bread and dairy products are important staple foods for Kosovo cuisine. Milk, yogurt, Ayran, spread, cheese, and kayaking. Meat (beef, chicken and mutton), beans, and rice are most widely used dairy products. Chili Peppers are also major parts of the Kosovo diet. People from Kosovo use vegetables seasonally. Herbs such as salt, black pepper, red pepper, and Belvita are also popular.

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