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Pickled Lotus Root: Is it Beneficial to Human Health?


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Pickled lotus root has been known for centuries for its slightly sweet taste and crunchy texture. It is a vegetable with several ways of cooking and its versatility is well-known all over the world. This aquatic plant of the family Nelumbonaceae is not only beautiful but also serves different health purposes.

pickled lotus root

image source: Pixabay.com


Because of its rich nutritional composition, pickled lotus root has a wide range of health benefits. This includes the ability to improve digestion, lower blood pressure, promote weight loss, reduces stress, and many more. For your needs, here are five amazing health benefits you can enjoy from consuming pickled lotus roots.

It helps improve blood circulation

This is no doubt, one of the wonderful benefits of lotus root that have received showers of praise for years. Pickled lotus roots have a way of stimulating blood circulation and hence increasing oxygenation of various organs. Through this, it also helps increase functionality and boost energy levels. Rich in copper and iron, lotus roots promotes the production of red blood cells, hence reducing the chances of developing anemic symptoms.

It boosts digestion

Picked lotus roots are rich in dietary fiber and play an important role in helping to boost digestion. They reduce constipation while they promote nutrient absorption and peristaltic movement in the intestine. All these contribute to an easy and smooth bowel movement.

It helps reduces stress

Lotus root contains pyridoxine; one of the constituents of the vitamin B complex. This directly interacts with the brain and influences our mood and mental states. It also controls headaches, irritability, and stress levels. When you desire some peace and tranquility, pickled lotus roots might just be what you need.

Rich in vitamin C

Lotus roots have a high amount of vitamin C, which is an important component of collagen. This helps you maintain healthy organs, blood vessels, and skin. It also has a way of stimulating the immune system to keep your defense level on the high side

.pickled lotus root

image source: Pixabay.com

 It promotes weight loss

This vegetable is not only lower in calories; it is also loaded with dietary fiber that makes you stay full for a longer period throughout the day. This keeps you stay full and less hungry throughout the day. This is a great way to cut your desire for extra snacks and bites. It also stimulates your metabolism. Keeping it at a fat-burning state that favors effective weight loss.

Good for your eyes

Pickled lotus root is also rich in vitamin A in addition to its vitamin C constituent. Vitamin A has been proven to be great for improving eyes and skin health. The antioxidant properties of vitamin A make it capable of preventing some ocular conditions, including macular degeneration. Vitamin A also helps speed up the wound healing process while also treating various skin conditions.


While there are no risks associated with the consumption of pickled lotus roots, it is recommended you eat them cooked. You can either fry, steam, or boil them. Eating raw roots may increase your chances of contracting bacterial infections. So wash your lotus roots properly and let them be properly cooked before you start eating.  

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