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Jana Ice Tea - sweet Croatian refreshment


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Coming from the hills of St. Jana, Jana water is one of the purest and tastiest sources in the world. The underground layers and chambers are located in a region where dolomite rocks from the Triassic period originate. These are almost 245 million years old and located in a pool, which is 3000m underground. The water down there is 7000 years old. The underground chambers and layers of the mineral rocks are responsible for the healthy composition and the exceptional taste. The special balance of the composition makes Jana water a unique drink with its light and fresh taste. Jana water has already received a number of awards, including the prestigious Eauscar Award at the AquaExpo exhibition in Paris (Europe's largest specialized water exhibition) as the best water back in 2005. In 2004, Jana had already received the award for the best water with flavor. (Jana strawberry guava water)

Different kinds of water

Source: www.total-croatia-news.com

Jana Ice tea

Ice tea is a very popular drink, which provides refreshment in sweet fruity aromas. Based on Jana Water, with the addition of herbal extracts, natural flavors and fruit juice, Jana Ice Tea contains neither artificial coloring nor artificial sweeteners. It comes in three flavors: peach, lemon and wild berry cranberry. Apart from the classic iced tea, which provides a first-class refreshment when served chilled, there is also the innovative category of hot or cold iced teas, the drinks that can be served either heated or chilled.

jana Ice tea

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