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How to enjoy Croatian Liquor?


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There is a wide array of Croatian liquor that can be enjoyed by everyone. Although Croatians love to drink, you will least likely find any drunk and lawlessness on the street. If you do, it will possibly be from some tourists enjoying their vacation. Croatian liquor typically consist of  beer, wines and spirits - a clear brandy made from different fruits and nuts. Most local bars carry popular croatian liquor but you might still find vodka, whisky and major types of alcohol. If you are not much of a drinker, there is still much to do and see in Croatia.

Where to find drinks?

Beer is the most popular Croatian liquor with leading brands like Ozujsko and Karlovacko - very light lagers. Each town typically has a kind of craft beer bar for the locals in the area. They will have the beers on tap however most locals prefer their beer from the bottle. When it comes to service, you can either serve yourself while at the bar or allow the waiter to bring your drinks. Bar snacks are not an option since you are here to drink only and there aren't any strict rules regarding closing and smoking. So if you are allergic to smoke or intolerant of it, then the bar might not be the place for you. The wine industry in Croatia has improved immensely over time from mass-production to independently small batch production. Unless you are enjoying wine at an upscale hotel then you won’t be able to select an exquisite glass of “plavac mali” - an indigenous grape native to Dalmatia, Croatia. At any average wine bar, they typically serve Grasevina; a white wine from Slavonia. Most locals will add a splash of mineral water to the wine to bump up the flavours. On the north side, the white is known as a “gemist” and in the south the red one is called a “bevanda”. Some major cities like Diocletian’s Palace are known for hosting bar crawls. To be honest, the lines between cafes and bars are sometimes blurred because there are so much


In conclusion, there are tons of Croatian Liqour that can get you drunk so there must be a remedy for treating a hangover. A domestic brand called Cedevita produces instant vitamin drinks that helps children overcome illnesses like the flu. This drink is also a great hangover cure and is available in most cafes and bars. 

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