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Microwavable artichokes

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Ocean Mist Farms Microwavable Artichokes - 2 CTHAND-HARVESTED ARTICHOKESOcean Mist Farms Microwavable Artichokes. Cleaned, trimmed & ready to cook. Season, seal & steam in the bag! Ready to eat in minutes. The ultimate in antioxidants & fiber. Seasoning ideas on back! Unwrap the goodness share the experience. California grown. 2 count. Directions Use zip lock to open and reseal. Keep refrigerated. Microwave directions: 1. Open pack using scissors. Do not add water or pierce bag below zip lock. Optional step: without removing from bag, spread open petals and drizzle preferred seasonings over artichokes for added flavor. 2. Completely close zip lock seal to create steam chamber. 3. Microwave for 6-7 1/2 minutes*. 4. After cooking: Allow steam to reduce for 30 seconds before opening bag to check for doneness: Without removing from bag: Use tongs to pull petal from center. Or: Insert knife through center of artichoke if either method meets resistance, reseal and cook for 1-2 additional minutes. 5. After cooked to preference, let artichokes stand in bag for 2 minutes before serving. Recommendations for best results: Any tears/holes in bag below zip lock will prevent artichokes from steaming. Keep artichokes inside bag during prep steps to prevent bag from tearing. Cook both artichokes together. Do not reuse bag. Note: inside petals, closer to heart, will cook more tender than outer layer of petals. Center of artichoke may change color after seasoning and cooking. Seasoning options: Prior to cooking, spread open petals for better coverage. Drizzle or sprinkle any seasoning combination over each artichoke to preferred taste: Liquid seasonings: limit liquid to the amount each artichoke can absorb. Olive oil. Lemon juice. Balsamic vinegar. Broth. White wins. Salad dressing. Marinara sauce. Butter. Dry seasonings: Garlic salt. Parmesan or romano cheese. Italian seasoned bread crumbs. For short how to video on using this bag, visit Cooking times* 2 artichokes. 950+watts - 6 minutes. 850 watts - 7 1/2 minutes. *Above times are a guideline only. All microwaves vary in wattage. Warnings Caution! Hot steam. Do not pierce bag below zip lock.

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Manufacturer: OCEAN MIST FARMS
Microwavable artichokes - 0000651000107
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