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Cooking Spinach

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Ocean Mist Farms Cooking SpinachCOOKING SPINACHOcean Mist Farms Cooking Spinach. Thoroughly washed & ready to use. 5 min. Directions Once opened, use immediately. For best results rinse and inspect spinach before using. *Try using fresh nutmeg: sure you can use the pre-ground stuff, but you won't believe the difference in flavor of fresh grated. Just grate on the fine side of a cheese grater or they make special little graters just for the job. Steam: Bring pot of water to a boil. Add entire bag of spinach (16 oz) to top steamer basket, keeping above water. Cover and steam until tender: approximately 3-5 minutes*. Season before serving to your preference. Microwave: Place all 16 oz of spinach in microwave safe bowl. Drizzle 2 tbsp olive oil over spinach. Cover with microwave safe plate or plastic wrap. Cook on high for 2 minutes* or until tender. Season before serving to your preference. Salad: Fresh spinach is perfect for any salad combination. *Cooking times may vary due to varying temperatures of microwave or stove top. Keep refrigerated.

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Manufacturer: OCEAN MIST FARMS
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