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What effervescent tablets really do for you


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Dietary supplements, including vitamin effervescent tablets, are very popular in this country. Many users hope to achieve a balanced nutrient and vitamin balance and a healthy lifestyle through them. However, the preparations are often criticized, so that the question arises as to how healthy vitamin effervescent tablets really are.

Where you can buy Effervescent tablets

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Effervescent Tablets from the Food Index

The cost-benefit factor: Are vitamin effervescent tablets useful?

Whether with vitamin C, B vitamins or as a combination preparation - vitamin effervescent tablets are available in many different compositions. They are intended to supply the body with essential vitamins and, if necessary, to compensate for a vitamin deficiency. Effervescent tablets are available almost everywhere: in supermarkets, drugstores or online. Effervescent tablet manufacturers generally cite the fact that the human body needs a certain level of vitamins and nutrients to stay healthy and function properly. There is nothing to contradict this, but whether effervescent tablets can really contribute to this by being an adequate supplement to a balanced diet remains questionable.

Are effervescent tablets healthy?

People who eat a healthy and balanced diet do not usually need additional dietary supplements. The best and healthiest way to prevent deficiency symptoms is to eat freshly prepared, varied meals that contain sufficient fruit and vegetables. However, for people with increased nutritional requirements, such as competitive athletes or pregnant women, and for groups of people such as vegans and vegetarians or the chronically ill, additional vitamins may be necessary to adequately cover vitamin requirements. However, preparations should not be bought and consumed indiscriminately in order to avoid risks such as overdosage.

It is more important to check one's blood values regularly with a doctor and to seek advice on the correct nutritional supplementation. Doctors offer appropriate advice, can rule out diseases and then prescribe vitamin tablets that meet individual vitamin needs. Effervescent tablets from the drugstore can in no way replace a balanced diet and the expertise of a doctor.

Can effervescent tablets be harmful to health?

Critics often question the effectiveness of effervescent tablets. However, a possible ineffectiveness of the preparations is not the worst thing. Rather, an overdose of certain vitamins or other additives can be dangerous. Due to the high sodium content in effervescent tablets, for example, patients with high blood pressure in particular are advised to exercise caution. The sodium content ensures that the ingredients of the effervescent tablet dissolve better in water. However, an increased sodium intake promotes high blood pressure, since sodium increases the blood volume by binding water. This increases vascular pressure, which in turn increases blood pressure. Pregnant women, for example, also run the risk of developmental disorders in the unborn child if they consume too much vitamin A. In addition, excessive intake of beta-carotene is suspected of increasing the risk of developing lung cancer.

So anyone who feels they are suffering from a vitamin or nutrient deficiency and exhibits corresponding symptoms such as persistent fatigue, exhaustion or muscle cramps, or who belongs to a certain risk group, should first consult a doctor. In this way, deficiency symptoms can be diagnosed professionally and only the vitamin preparations that the body really needs can be taken.

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