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Oishi Tea - The tastiest beverage you will ever drink


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Oishi Green Tea comes in various flavors. The most popular type adds Honey and Lemon to its drink that makes it sweet and refreshing. It is loaded in antioxidants and is healthier than any other soft drink like soda and other sugary beverages. As a matter of fact, it’s originated from 100% organic tea leaves producing an authentic and unique Japanese Green Tea.


Different Oishi Teas

Source: Wikipedia

Oishi was basically envisioned as a restaurant concept by Tan Passakornnatee, a Thai self-made millionaire, who is typically compared to Richard Branson for his character, marketing strategy, and progressive management style.  In 1999, he opened his first Japanese restaurant named Oishi in Bangkok, Thailand. He faced success immediately. Passakornnatee expanded restaurants by opening branches and new Japanese restaurant concepts like Oishi Sushi Bar, Oishi Ramen, and even coffee shops. In 2003, he planned to open a beverage production factory to supervise the whole supply chain management process. In the same year, the introduction of a new tea beverage named Oishi Green Tea to the market is seen. Investors accepted the step, as the drink made from organic tea leaves left a lasting impression on the public. Despite its CEO resignation in 2010, Oishi Green Tea has expanded beyond the expectations and became the first ready-to-drink green tea company in the soft drink market. The company now provides a variety of flavored green tea refreshments.

Where To Buy Oishi Green Tea

If you ever went to Thailand, you might notice that Oishi Green Tea is found anywhere like supermarkets, at any stores like 7-Eleven or even at the smallest mom-and-pop grocery store. Within a decade, Oishi has become so famous that it is competing with Coca-Cola in distribution channels. If you read this article, the possibility is that you are not in Thailand and may wonder how and where to buy Oishi. Before relieving the good news, there are few websites that offer the drink. They are somewhat fine to find using any decent online search engines. However, two drawbacks are there in the story. First, the websites selling Oishi are very expensive. Prices can reach up to 5 CHF for a bottle of 16oz (500ml). The second drawback with most websites offering this tea is that shipping is only nationwide, meaning that a lot of UK websites you’ll find won’t even bother sending your order to Switzerland, for instance.    

Oishi Tea flavors

Oishi Tea offers a variety of flavors in their bottled tea beverage range. While the specific flavors may vary based on the region and market, here are some common flavors associated with Oishi Tea:

  1. Green Tea: Oishi Tea typically offers a classic green tea flavor, which is often the most popular and widely available option. Green tea has a mild and slightly vegetal taste.

  2. Jasmine Green Tea: Jasmine green tea combines the fragrance of jasmine flowers with the mild bitterness of green tea, resulting in a floral and refreshing flavor.

  3. Oolong Tea: Oolong tea is a traditional Chinese tea that falls between green tea and black tea in terms of oxidation. Oishi Tea may have variations of oolong tea available, offering a rich and distinct flavor profile.

  4. Black Tea: Black tea is fully oxidized and has a robust and bold flavor. Oishi Tea may have options for black tea enthusiasts who enjoy a stronger and more pronounced tea taste.

  5. Fruit Teas: Oishi Tea also offers fruit-flavored teas, which often combine tea with the natural flavors of fruits such as peach, lemon, mango, or passion fruit. These fruit teas can provide a sweet and refreshing twist to the traditional tea flavors.

Please note that availability and specific flavors may vary depending on the region and market. It's always best to check the Oishi Tea product lineup in your area or visit their official website for the most accurate and up-to-date information on available flavors.

What differentiates Oishi Tea from other teas?

Oishi Tea differentiates itself from other teas in several ways, which contribute to its popularity and recognition among consumers. Here are some aspects that set Oishi Tea apart:

  1. Bottled Convenience: Oishi Tea is known for its bottled tea beverages, which offer convenience and portability. The ready-to-drink format allows consumers to enjoy tea on the go without the need for brewing or steeping.

  2. Diverse Flavor Selection: Oishi Tea offers a wide range of flavors, catering to different preferences. From classic green tea and jasmine green tea to oolong tea and fruit-infused teas, Oishi Tea provides a variety of options to suit various taste preferences.

  3. Quality and Natural Ingredients: Oishi Tea emphasizes the use of quality ingredients in their products. They often focus on sourcing natural tea leaves and authentic flavors, providing a more authentic tea-drinking experience to consumers.

  4. Refreshing and Flavorful: Oishi Tea is known for its refreshing and flavorful taste. Whether it's the smoothness of green tea or the fragrant infusion of jasmine, Oishi Tea strives to create beverages that are enjoyable and satisfying to drink.

  5. Brand Recognition: Oishi Tea has gained significant brand recognition, particularly in Asian markets. The brand's popularity and presence in various countries contribute to its reputation and make it a trusted choice for consumers seeking bottled tea options.

  6. Availability: Oishi Tea is widely available in convenience stores, supermarkets, and vending machines, making it easily accessible to consumers. Its widespread distribution network ensures that people can find and purchase their preferred Oishi Tea products with relative ease.

It's worth noting that consumer preferences and market dynamics can vary, and other tea brands may offer similar features and qualities. The unique combination of factors mentioned above contributes to Oishi Tea's distinctiveness in the tea market.

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