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How to cook with chive flowers?


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Flowers that bloom from the top of chive stalks, chive flowers are delicate little blooms that add just as much beauty to a dish as they do texture and flavor. These delicate little flowers give off a slight onion flavor that blends effortlessly into any of the foods you mix them into. They can be added to cheese spreads to give them a unique look, or they can be layered on side dishes to enhance their appetizing appeal. The onion-flavored blooms are also commonly used as a way to add texture to foods that need a little something extra.

chive flowers

What are chive flowers?

Chives are a common staple in foods all across the spectrum, in everything from salads to soups to side dishes like baked potatoes, but these thin green stalks offer more than just a tasty garnish to your favorite side dishes. In fact, they also possess purple delicate flowers that bloom on the tops of the stalks and give you even more ways to use the chive. The pretty purple flowers can be cut off of the tips of the chives and then used as a garish as easily as the green stalks can. The flowers can be pulled apart and used in a number of different ways just as you would with chives after slicing them up.

What do chive flowers taste like?

Chive flowers have a similar taste to chives and onions. Their flavor is very subtle, adding just a hint of onion flavor to whatever you add them to. This subtle flavor makes them a perfect choice for adding just a hint of something extra to your foods without overpowering any existing ingredients.

How do you cook with chive flowers?

Using chive flowers is similar to the way that you'd use chives stalks. Simply pull the fragile bulbs apart and use them as a garnish on top of your favorite mashed potato dishes, egg dishes or soup. They can also be used in other savory dishes like cream sauces and soups to add a small taste of onion and plenty of color. Mix them into goat cheese to turn them into a colorful spread that will be perfect for parties. The versatile little flowers are ready to add beautiful color, a nice texture and a delicate flavor to your foods without much effort at all. If you're looking for this product, visit our marketplace.

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