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Badel 1862: How to Drink Responsibly and Still Have Fun at That Party


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Badel 1862 has produced lots of alcohol brands – enjoyed by many across the world. That is one of the things responsible for their popularity. But they have these useful tips to help you enjoy their drinks even more.

Badel 1862


Just like eating or any social activity, drinking has some guidelines to help you get more enjoyment from it. Shoveling down half of a chocolate cake at a party will not be seen as responsible eating. The same thing goes for drinking. So, it doesn’t matter the brand of Badel 1862 you choose, here are some tips to drink responsibly while you still have the most fun.

Be sure of what you are drinking

You can always ask questions. If you are being served a cocktail but have no idea of what is in it, ask! You will want to enjoy the party to the end, so don’t let a sweet, delicious cocktail knock you over before it even starts. Always ensure you know what’s in the drink you are drinking. Know the alcohol content and be sure it’s within your tolerance range.

Avoid Caffeine

Don’t combine caffeine with alcohol. Even if you feel very tired and the alcohol makes you sleepy, taking a coffee or energy drink is not an option. The alcohol and coffee will come together in one overwhelming burst of energy. The result afterward is you crashing down on a massive low.

Don’t Mix Drinks

Badel 1862 has a variety of alcohol drinks, but only pick your choice for the evening. Don’t mix them. When you drink various types of alcohol, you will be putting your body under much stress. Having wine followed by gin and tonic, followed by tequila is not a good idea. Don’t do the combination.

Avoid Combining Alcohol and Sugar

Alcohol and sugar is a dangerous combination. As much as possible, try to avoid overly sweet cocktails. When you combine alcohol with sugar, the sugar travels quickly to your head as the alcohol does. This makes you be on a massive high followed shortly by a dramatic loss of energy. Combining sugar and alcohol will only come together to make the next morning unbearable.

Badel 1862


Know Your Limits

Everybody has his or her limits. Make sure you know what yours are. You have a rough idea of how much alcohol you can safely drink. Never forget that. Listen to your body, and notice if you feel yourself getting tipsy, dizzy or having blurry vision. That is the right time to stop drinking straight away.

Stay Hydrated

One advice Badel 1862 always gives people is not to forget that alcohol dehydrates. Alcohol draws minerals and vitamins out of your body. To fight this side effect of alcohol, ensure you stay hydrated. Drink at least one glass of water for every alcoholic drink you have. It is indeed a smart way to end the party rightly and wake up the next morning like a hero. Don’t rush your drink. Stick to the rule of thumb of taking one drink per hour. If you think you can’t stick to this frequency, consider swapping your drink for a non-alcoholic. Do that once in a while. Taking alcohol to quickly will deprive you of the fun the party has to offer.

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