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Losing Weight with Banana Leaves


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Bananas are tropical, non-citrus fruits that have been popular for decades. But only a few people know that banana leaves are equally important, especially for weight loss. Banana leaves – both fresh and dried ones, can be used as herbs as they have many health benefits.

Banana Leaves

image source: Pixabay.com

They are known to cure ailments such as common cold, sore throat, cough, and fever. Banana leaves are also used as part of the ingredients in traditional spas. They are utilized in South-east Asia as food wrapping and for garnishing and enhancing the appearance of foods. Dried banana leaves are loaded with protein, lignin, allantoin, hemicellulose, and polyphenols which act as antioxidants. This is probably why these leaves can alleviate ailments.

A Weight loss fact

Weight loss is a topic that will always remain hot since it is a subject many people have to deal with. Whatever gets the attention of the media as regards losing weight sparks lots of debate and discussions worldwide. But despite general scientific weight loss concepts, many individuals are fatter today than ever.

Weight loss and banana leaves

Cleanse your body from parasites

You can lose from 10-20 pounds if you follow this natural and simple method. Banana leaves can help to clean out your entire system, thus creating a healthy internal environment. A healthier internal environment allows you to absorb essential nutrients better while eliminating toxic wastes.

High antioxidant intake and better nutrition

Using banana leaves as food wrappers are highly beneficial to your overall health. They contain EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) – or polyphenols, which are plant-based compounds. They act as antioxidants that combat free radicals while preventing diseases. Although banana leaves don’t digest easily when eaten directly, food placed on them can readily absorb the polyphenols from them. To facilitate this process, you may have to stop consuming processed foods and switch to whole foods. Fresh vegetables, brown rice, etc. help to hasten the weight loss process, and you may lose up to 100lbs. Banana leaves are also alleged to have antibacterial characteristics that kill off all the germs in your food.

Banana Leaves

image source: Pixabay.com

Banana leaves help in reducing cellulite and body weight

Traditional spas are known to make use of banana leaves as part of their customary weight loss program. There are two ways in which banana leaves are employed to achieve these results:

  1. The fresh leaves are mashed and then used as a body mask to reduce cellulite significantly. The health of your skin is also enhanced in this process.
  2. Whole banana leaves are steamed and wrapped on desired sections where fat is not needed for at least two hours. These areas include upper thighs, belly, and upper arms.

After the treatment, a hot cup of tea made from the combination of ginger and banana leaves is taken. This is a long-established ritual that is incredibly popular in the Kings Palaces in Bali and Sultan’s Palace in Yogyakarta. The treatment was carried out to enhance the beauty of the queens, concubines, and princesses. This treatment is presently used regularly in numerous traditional spas in Bali.

Wrap up

Banana leaves contain a plethora of health benefits. They can be employed for weight loss purposes as well. However, the treatment can be more effective if it is combined with exercises and the consumption of low-calorie foods.

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