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How well do you know Light Soy Sauce?


Many or all of the products featured here can be from partners who compensate us. This may influence which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. However, this does not influencer our evaluations. Our opinions are our own.

Soy sauce is well-known among all Chinese spices.  It is loved by Chinese cooks for its delicious flavor and versatility. It was invented in the 2nd century. From the chef to the ingredients and to the dish on your plate, everything has to be well thought of and done. The light soy sauce brings delight to your food. This sauce is a brownish-red water-like liquid, moreover "light" describes its color and consistency. It is higher in sodium. Light Soy sauce is lighter in color and is more famous than regular soy sauce because it aids in almost every meal and it’s a Chinese favorite.

Characteristics of Light Soy Sauce     

  • During all kinds of cooking processes, this sauce is used. Moreover, it's aids in flavoring all types of dishes: dressing cold dishes, stir-frying, braising. It helps in marinating, dumpling filling seasoning, and dipping sauces.   
  • The light soy sauce is transparent reddish-brown in color. This is because of the less time it takes to ripen.   
  • The Sauce is used mostly in the kitchens of Asian People.
  • It is used in almost all kinds of food
  • Light Sauce a versatile kind of sauce.

Best Brands

  • San-J Tamari Gluten Free Soy Sauce

This soy sauce has been in use for over 3 decades and is of good quality. It’s made with more soybeans than the usual ones used for soy sauce which ensures that it's richer in flavor. It also contains no gluten. One employs the fermentation process, which makes it richer than many other chemically fermented soy sauces.

  • Premium lite soy sauce

The sauce is made of soybeans, water, sugar, wheat, stabilizers, and preservatives. These premium ingredients will aid you in changing the umami flavors of any Asian dish; from grilled food, stir-fried meats and veggies, sushi, and your fish. Premium Lite soy sauce is an award-winning multipurpose sauce. It’s the best product from Thailand that you can buy to prepare your grilled meat, fish, pasta or roasted veggies, and many other foods. As compared to regular soy sauce, It contains 70% less sodium. It’s made from wheat and soybeans. This major ingredient completes the spicy Thai dishes. The packaging makes it easy to use since the bottle is simple to squeeze and get the sauce out of the bottle. This sauce helps to remove the smell from your food.

  • San J Gluten-Free Tamari Lite Soy Sauce

For those of us who are concerned about our health issues, this is a gluten-free product that also contains 50% less sodium. If you thought about reducing the amount of salt intake for your family without compromising on the flavors, this is your product. This product doesn’t require any additives, GMO’s or other artificial additives. The brewers ensured that in reducing sodium they still maintain flavors. This is your number one product of choice when we talk of marination, stir-frying, cooking your seafood, or braising.

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