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What is Balkan Food?


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Balkan food is a traditional food that attracts tourists due to its redolence. We can say that it is mouth-watering food. Balkan food can satisfy everyone’s taste. As far as varieties are concerned, Balkan Food is rich in them. Red Pepper, onion, Tomato, meat and many others are present in it. Balkan was owned by Turks, Greeks and by Romans, so their cuisine contains all those traditions. Balkan cuisine uses many spices but in very little quantity. Most dishes are light as they are cooked in lots of water. So if you are a vegetarian, then you might experience certain difficulties because of many dishes contain meat.


Shopska Salad is one of the most famous dishes of Balkan Food. This Salad is made up of Cucumbers, tomatoes, onion with bell peppers. But you may add olives if you want. The second dish is Slovenian štruklj. It tastes like rolled pastries, in which you can either put sweets or savory, depending on your taste. The ingredients include walnut, cottage cheese and apple. You should try Banitsa, which is a favorite of all generations. It has got a perfect combination of eggs and cheese. Balkan Food is simple but it will definitely fill your stomach if you eat more. No Balkan event is complete without grilled beef. The counties that make up the Balkan are Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and small part around Turkey.

Never eat without Rakija

It doesn't matter if the event is a celebration, conference, party, funeral or something else, never skip Rakija. One goes even so far to say that it shouldn't go missing when you're eating breakfast, evening meals or lunch. Afterall, Rakija is everywhere in the Balkans. The Brandy, which always contains fruits, is recommended in various restaurants. This is because of its complimentary nature.

Everything is stuffed

To keep a long story short, let's just say the following: "expect your peppers to be stuffed with plenty of meat and onions." This is because stuffed peppers is one of the most famous dishes in Balkan. Don't get me wrong, stuffed vegetables or pickles don't always have to be typical Balkan, but Balkan is usually known for this kind of dishes.

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