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Do you want to import Food Commodities from Nigeria? Then we can help you. Our partner in Nigeria doesn't only have dozens Nigerian products, but also a very professional value chain.

Our supplier is specialized in food commodities like vegetables, fruits, beans, seeds and much more. We enable you to order Nigerian Food Commodities on a weekly basis. The quality is not only guaranteed by FoodPorty, but also multiple neutral organization. Our supplier is accredited by the Export Promotion Councel Of Nigeria, Certified as a Special Control Unit Against Money Laundering (SCUML) and a compliant company by the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

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Nigeria is twice the size of Zimbabwe and South Africa combined and has over 200 million people. The people of Nigeria depend on produce from the local farms for their daily meals as more than 80 percent of Nigerians buy their farm produce from the market. This country is at a huge advantage in terms of agriculture profitability because of the huge demand for farm produce. Nigeria has the benefit of having large stretches of fertile land available to cultivate. This country has one of the largest expanses of land in Africa with more than 900 thousand square kilometers and 70 percent of it is able to be cultivated to produce sustenance for the population of Nigeria. This land provides Nigeria with practically an unlimited source of farming food, providing agricultural produces and jobs for the people.

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Our supplier is a major producer and exporter of food commodities to prime confectionary and special needs markets of Europe, Canada, the USA and other parts of the world. Located in Nigeria, our supplier's agribusiness company utilizes a franchise of over 100 farms spread across major commodity producing towns in Nigeria and other West African countries. Our supplier's company is run by agriculturists and business process experts with many years of experience consulting for top firms globally.

The story behind the products that our supplier delivers, is predicated on two major business ideals. These ideals guide every step during the process. Our supplier makes sure, that the farmers in his franchise, who produce the commodity foods he exports, do so utilizing the best farming and working conditions. This is achieved through Farmer-Supervision & Support (FSS) scheme. It also ensures that he can obtain the best quality food commodities that meet international standards, whilst also making sure that he acquires the products from the farmers using a price shelf commensurate with the dynamic market, giving the farmer returns for his farm produce.


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As Fresh as possible

Our supplier only delivers fresh and high quality harvests.
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Happy Field Workers

Hundreds of workers in Nigeria work in various fields and love doing what they do.
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Multiple Plantages and Fields

The food commodities that you're interested in originate from fields in Nigeria.
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Protection against spider mites, rough weather, locust swarms, serious infestation of seasonal pests like tent caterpillars and many more.
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Our supplier has multiple greenhouses all around . We promise you the best quality of vegetables and fruits.
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Our supplier flies in the best quality of goods and delivers them direct to you. If desired, you can pick up the goods yourself at the airport.

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Don't worry, you will receive a reply from us within the next 24 hours. Please describe your request in a precise and accurate way to avoid any misunderstandings. We recommend a minimum order weight of 1.000 kg, although our supplier delivers if your order exceeds 500kg.


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