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Dairy-Free Yogurt Alternative | Grocery Stores Near Me

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Dairy-free Yogurt AlternativeSOYMILK (FILTERED WATER, SOYBEANS), CANE SUGAR, CORN STARCH, PECTIN, TRICALCIUM PHOSPHATE, CITRIC ACID, NATURAL FLAVOR, DIPOTASSIUM PHOSPHATE, SEA SALT, VANILLA BEAN, LIVE AND ACTIVE CULTURES, NATURAL MIXED TOCOPHEROLS AND vitamin c ESTER (TO PROTECT FRESHNESS), VITAMIN D2.Dairy-free Yogurt Alternative is manufactured by Wwf Operating Company with a suggested serving size of 1 cup (225 g) and 209 calories per serving. The nutritional value of a suggested serving of dairy-free yogurt alternative includes 0 mg of cholesterol, 0 mg of sodium, 30 grams of carbohydrates, 2. 9 grams of dietary fiber, 24 grams of sugar and 9 grams of proteins.

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Manufacturer: Wwf Operating Company
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Nutrition Facts
Serving Size:
Ammount per Serving:
Calories:  kcal
Details in % Daily Value
Total Fat % g
Satured Fat % g
Trans Fat % g
Polyunsatured Fat % g
Monounsatured Fat % g
Cholesterol % mg
Sodium % mg
Potassium % mg
Total Carbohydrate % g
Dietary Fiber % g
Sugars % g
Other carbohydrate % g
Protein % g

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