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The benefits of tart cherries and whey protein are combined in this powerful blend for those with a more strenuous life or workout routine. Cherubini Protein is designed to accelerate recovery and increase stamina. Sweetened with Stevia, our Protein tart cherry juice has the same 8 grams of whey protein but with 1/3 fewer calories and 1/3 less sugar as our traditional Rebuild blend. CHERIBUNDI PROTEIN: Make muscle gains your daily ritual. How? Partner natural tart cherry juice with protein-rich whey. Rebuild muscle faster, stronger, and better than before. 45 tart cherries per 8oz serving. The perfect workout recovery for runners, cyclists, and athletes of all kinds SUPERIOR TART CHERRY JUICE: Drinking Cheribundi daily rapidly reduces soreness, rebuilds muscles faster, and promotes deeper sleep. Cheribundi’s all natural juices and performance beverages are non-GMO, not from concentrate, and contain no preservatives or added sugar PROFESSIONAL LEVEL RECOVERY: Cheribundi makes the competitive difference for top teams and champions. Cheribundi is used regularly by over 300 professional and collegiate sports teams -- including 8 of 9 recent football champions, and every college football and basketball champion team since 2007 REBUILD MUSCLE FASTER: Repair oxygen damage with the highest antioxidants of all fruits and veggies - tart cherries. Anthocyanins reduce inflammation in joints, muscles & organs. Plus, Cheribundi's liquid format more efficiently delivers nutrients - for fast absorption and bioavailability STRENGTHEN IMMUNE DEFENSE: Rich in antioxidants, anthocyanins and phytonutrients that cut inflammation in half, improve overall health, and benefit your immune system. You’ve got yourself an immune system champion

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