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Ready Pac Fresh European Style Salad Blend PortofinoVEGETABLE BLEND (BABY GREENS [ARUGULA, SPINACH, FRISEE, TATSOI, MIZUNA], BABY LETTUCES [LOLLO ROSSA, RED LEAF, ROMAINE, RED OAK], INGREDIENTS MAY VARY BY SEASON) .For Optimum Freshness: Keep refrigerated. To open, cut carefully at top of bag. After the package has been opened, keep product stored in this bag. Gently press air from bag, close tightly with a clip. Best if served within two days after opening. Baby Arugula Blend. Triple washed. Portofino, land of rugged coastline vistas and quaint sidewalk cafes, is a fitting namesake for this robust salad - a tender delicious blend of flavorfully Baby Lettuces and Greens and zesty, peppery Baby Arugula. Whether you top it with raspberry vinaigrette dressing or add chopped nuts and dried fruits, you'll enjoy a restaurant-quality salad right at home. Ready Pac's award-winning European-Style salads follow techniques perfected in Europe that provide the highest level of freshness and quality. We trim our fresh produce with care, and wash it three times, and then place it in special pillow-packaging that protects against bruising and keeps the salad crisper. Our packages are designed with plenty of clear open space so you can see the salad's freshness. Look for the Ready Pac Diamond - it is your guarantee that you are buying the very best. No preservatives.

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