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Do you want to import food directly from Thailand? Then we can help you. Our partner in Thailand has not only several thousand Asian products, but also a very professional value chain.

Our supplier is specialized in fresh products like vegetables & fruits. We enable you to order fresh vegetables from Thailand on a weekly basis. The quality is not only guaranteed by FoodPorty, but also by the 5 additional certifications.

Convincing arguments

Growing popularity

There is no ethnic cuisine in the country that is gaining popularity faster than Asian food. From Japanese and Thai to Korean and Chinese, Asian cuisine is all the rage these days. The rise in Asian restaurants across Europe is a testament to the fact that Europeans love Asian food. As many consumers (especially Millennials) have begun preparing their favorite Asian dishes at home, it's becoming increasingly obvious why grocers should consider buying wholesale Asian food products for their stores.

Choose correctly

The right products for your portfolio

However, when people talk about Asian food, they mean a wide range. As mentioned above, there are different types of Asian cuisine from different cultures and countries. While it is not necessary to focus on a particular Asian ethnic cuisine, it is useful to focus on the most popular Asian foods used for cooking at home.

In this respect, you can cover the entire spectrum of Asian food with the items your customers would most like to buy. Whether it's Korean food or Chinese food. By carrying the products that are in demand, you will most likely have exactly what your customers need to create delicious home-cooked Asian dishes.


We offer the best quality for you

Our supplier has more than 30 years of experience in agriculture.

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As Fresh as possible

Our supplier only delivers fresh and high quality harvests.
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Happy Field Workers

Hundreds of workers in Thailand work in various fields and love doing what they do.
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Multiple Plantages and Fields

The vegetables and fruits that you're interested in originate from fields in Thailand.
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Protection against spider mites, rough weather, locust swarms, serious infestation of seasonal pests like tent caterpillars and many more.
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Our supplier has multiple greenhouses all around Thailand. We promise you the best quality of vegetables and fruits.
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Our supplier flies in the best quality of goods and delivers them direct to you. If desired, you can pick up the goods yourself at the airport or port.

Reach out and we will negotiate terms

Don't worry, you will receive a reply from us within the next 24 hours. Please describe your request in a precise and accurate way to avoid any misunderstandings. We recommend a minimum order weight of 500kg, although our supplier delivers if your order exceeds 300kg.


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