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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FoodPorty?

Foodporty is a platform that provides great value for vendors of food products, manufacturers and private customers. The greatest benefit at the moment, is the FoodIndex. There, you can find multiple products and by simply clicking on the map icon, we provide you with a global map, in which you can see which vendors sell the product.

I'm a Vendor and I just registered. What's next?

- First, visit My Account and make sure that you've got a shipping address set up. We will use this address to pin your location on the map that our users see. Don't forget to add your shop's name as nickname. That's the name that visitors of the platform see you as.

- As next, tell the world which products you sell by click on the "Add Product" button. As Free Vendor, you can add up to five products.

- Send us your shop's logo in jpeg format via email: inquiry@foodporty.com. We will then display your logo in the list of vendors in the FoodIndex.

- Lean back and relax. You're done. (If you want to see great progress, upgrade your account.)

How do I add my store to the list of Vendors for a specific product?

- You can add and remove yourself by clicking on one of the two following symbols.

Add Product Remove Product

In order to use this function, you have to be a vendor! Please note that it takes time for our bots to crawl, index and add you as a seller on all pages of the FoodIndex. So if your store logo is not being displayed under a product even though you just added yourself, please be patient.

How do I like/dislike products?

- You can like/dislike a product by click on one of the two following symbols. If the heart is red, then you have already liked this product.

Add Product Remove Product

In order to use this function, you have to be a registered user!

How do I view the product map?

- You can open the product map by click on the following symbol.

Add Product

In order to use this function, you have to be a registered user! We also recommend that you enter valid shipping address in My Account. This is the address that we use to pin your current location.

I love FoodPorty. How do I upgrade my account?

- Visit My Account and choose at least one of the Premium Packages that are available for your account. The page that you'll then be forwarded to contains our payment credentials. Wire us the fee with a notification of which Premium Package you desire. Don't forget to add your Username to the payment. We will do the rest. As soon as your account has been upgraded, you will be notified.

How can I activate my user account?

Foodporty does not give you the ability to fully activate your account. Contact us at inquiry@foodporty.com and name your former username.

I forgot my username and password, what now?

If you have forgotten your username, you can request it again here by e-mail: inquiry@foodporty.com.
If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new password here:
Click here You will receive a (temporary) password by e-mail. In order to change it, log into your account with the new password and go to My Account - Change Password and update your password.
(Please check your junk or spam filter when you receive this email if you do not receive it within minutes)

Can I transfer my user account?

It is not possible to transfer a personal user account to another person.
Every person of full age has in principle the possibility to open and manage his own user account at Foodporty.

What are the guidelines for making offers on FoodPorty?

Foodporty is a platform that brings together vendors, manufacturers and customers. In order to ensure that transactions run smoothly and to guarantee fairness among the FoodIndex participants, there are a few rules to follow. Non-compliance with these rules can lead to the blocking of the user account.

Important: Foodporty can demand proof of ownership of an item if suspected. In this case please send us the requested documents by e-mail.

I have received an unjustified rating, how can I request a rating deletion?

Foodporty's rating system is a system of checks and balances among its members, where the customer service department cannot decide which of the two parties is in the right. Therefore always contact your other party first and explain why you think the rating should be removed.

Important! Keep it friendly and professional, then there should be no resistance.
Foodporty itself only deletes a rating in the following exceptional cases:.

  • - the rating comment contains vulgar, obscene or insulting remarks.
  • - the rating comment contains personal data about the seller
  • - if it is a matter of evaluation extortion / revenge evaluations
  • - if the justice of the peace has decided in favour of the member
  • - if the evaluation is demonstrably wrong (permitted: delivery document, payment document)
  • - if the evaluator agrees with the deletion

For all other reviews Foodporty is at no time authorized or obliged to remove a review. Requests for deletion, which are not listed above, will be rejected without comment.

Can I delete my submitted rating?

If you have accidentally misrated or wish to correct a rating you have given, please contact our customer service. (inquiry@foodproty.com) Deleted reviews cannot be resubmitted.

Why was my rating deleted?

If Foodporty removed one of your ratings, it was for one of these reasons

  • If Foodporty has removed one of your ratings, it has one of these reasons:The rating was demonstrably a reaction to a received rating (revenge rating)
  • - The evaluation contained insults, slander or personal information
  • - The other party was able to prove that the valuation was unjustified (proof of payment, proof of delivery)
  • - You were verifiably in agreement with the deletion

At the first deletion you have the possibility to give a rating again, if it was a negative rating. Please make sure that none of the above mentioned reasons for deletion apply to the new evaluation.

Most important information on the payment of fees

The most important principles at a glance:

  • - 14 days after generating fees we will send you the information about the open balance by e-mail with the possible payment methods.
  • - We send this information exclusively by e-mail. For this reason, the e-mail addresses must always be kept up-to-date.
  • - You are obliged to pay the fees even if you do not receive the e-mails for technical reasons.
  • - The due fees are always due after receipt.
  • - 30 days after the first information of the due fees we will send a reminder
How can I pay my fees?

You have the following options for paying your outstanding fees:
Bank Wiring / Bank Transfer


Why are you charging me overdue fines?

When settling your outstanding fees, the following deadlines apply with regard to payment reminders and reminder fees:

  • - 14 days after the generation of fees we will send you an email with information about your open balance with the payment information.
  • - 30 after the fee information we will send a first payment reminder.
  • - 60 days after the fee info we will send a second reminder with CHF 10.- reminder fees.

In principle, Foodporty has the right to charge reminder fees from the first reminder. Reminder fees can also be charged for unpaid booking expenses.

Apply for a grant credit
If this is the first late payment in the last 12 months, you can apply to customer service for a goodwill credit for the reminder fees. A credit note can only be issued after receipt of payment. If the invoice has already been forwarded to a debt collection agency, it is no longer possible to credit the dunning charges for administrative reasons

Why did you forward the fees to a debt collection agency?

If 58 days after the fee information the outstanding amount has not been paid, we will send a last reminder (including reminder fees). The user account will be blocked at this time (payments still possible).

72 days after the first fee information the user account will be blocked completely. The outstanding amount will then be transferred to the debt collection agency, which can lead to debt collection.

The account balance must be CHF 0.00 to automatically reactivate your account.

The easiest way is to pay the outstanding debt directly to the debt collection company. They will inform us after receiving the payment, which can take up to 14 days. Your user account will then be automatically reactivated.

collection fees
If you have only paid the Foodporty fees, it is possible that the collection company will charge you the additional processing fees. FoodPorty has no influence on this process.

Therefore, please clarify this matter directly with the responsible company (you will also find the relevant contact details in the collection letter).

Can I receive an invoice by mail?

For administrative reasons it is not possible to send a fee invoice by post.

FoodPorty regularly sends a request for payment by e-mail with the currently open invoice amount and a note on all possible payment methods.

Why do I see open fees, although I have already paid?

If you think you have paid the fees, check your fee schedule first.
If there are no fees listed, you have paid everything.

If there are fees listed despite your payment, something went wrong with the payment:

  • - You used a wrong reference number and the payment was booked to another user account
  • - You entered something wrong in the payment details and the payment was refunded to you by your bank

  • In order for us to be able to search for your payment in our system, we absolutely need the corresponding payment receipt with the following information:

    • - date of payment
    • - amount
    • - reference number
    • - Account information
    • - Further payment comments (member number etc.)

    Tip: Do you have a second user account with open fees? Then please have a look there as well.