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Black Beans - the healthiest food on earth


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Black beans, botanically known as (Phaseolus vulgaris), are oval-shaped beans with a meaty flavor. Like other beans, they are native to south and central America. They are named turtle beans because of their hard shell-like appearance. Black beans on a table and in a spoon


Black beans date back around at 7000 years, when Americans used them as their staple food. They remainedBlack beans on a table and in a spoon a popular food in the household of Americans. The beans are popular in stew making, soup and dips, and are used to make a delicious taco salad. These beans form a complete protein meal when they are combined with brown rice, a  very popular dish among the vegetarians. They are the simple and inexpensive solution that solves common vegetarian problems in acquiring proper amount of protein. Thesebeans have been around for a thousand years. They crossed Atlantic in 1500s in the boats of Europeans explorers. There are many types of black beans with relatively similar appearances and nutritional values. 

Nutritional value of  black beans

They have high content of fiber, protein and vitamins like vitamin A (which helps to prevent cancer, improve eyesight and strengthens the bones). They are also rich in a wide range of minerals such as calcium, iron and manganese.

black beans avocado and sweet potato salad

Source: Pixabay

Turtle beans are a rich source of folic acid and a rare compound called molybdenum. This mineral is very difficult to find in any other food. They also offer a variety of phytonutrients like saponins ,anthocyanins and quercetin. These nutrients protect the heart, due to the fact that they possess antioxidants abilities.

Health benefits of  black beans

Many nutrients can found, when added into your diet brings about health difference. Because of its high level of fibre,black beans help your body to solve stomach issues. They also lower blood cholesterol level in the body. Due to flavonoids found in black beans seed coat, they have shown to  reduce the risk of certain types of cancers (journal of Agricultural and food chemistry 2006). Studies have shown that molybdenum, when regularly consumed, reduces impotence, hence increasing erectile functions in older men. Folate is a necessity in  pregnant women. It protects the foetus in the womb Pregnant mothers are hence encouraged to add black beans in their diets.


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