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What are Black Eyed Peas?


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As the name suggests, black eyed peas in fact look as if they have a black eye. The point is actually where the bean was attached to the pod is in fact the so called "black eye". In southern cooking, it is actually tradition that these fiber rich legumes bring good luck once eaten on New Year's Day. However, they are delicious all year round. The meal typically consists of black eyed peas - representing coins - and collard greens - representing money. The legume contains a myriad of nutrients including fiber, protein and vitamins like folate and iron.  Did you know that one cup of black-eyed peas can improve your cardiovascular health? This legume also helps keep you full for hours. Because of their nutritional value, black eyed peas are a beneficial addition to your diet.

Benefits of Black Eyed Peas

Black Eyed Peas

Source: www.cookforyourlife.org

Improves Digestion Due to their high levels of dietary fiber, this healthy product aids in the promotion of regular bowel movements. They also improve the overall health of the body in particular the digestive system by preventing constipation. Additionally, this one-eyed powerhouse also acts as a sponge, which absorbs water in the digestive tract. Thus taking the waste products out of the body.  Anemia One of the main contributing factors to anemia is low blood levels as a result of limited iron in the body.Weakness and fatigue can be prevented with an increase in iron. The iron that the body needs to prevent anemia can be found in these peas. Black eyed peas are also a rich and pure source of vitamins B and folate, that also contribute to the creation of red blood cells. Thus an increase in folate in the body results in lower risks of developing anemia.  Blood Pressure Balance When there are high levels of sodium in the body, there is a spike in blood pressure levels. This can in turn become a serious health issue especially if not treated quickly. Therefore, one should be aware of the amount of sodium consumed on a daily basis. Black-eyed peas have low levels of sodium in comparison to other foods, hence they have no negative effects on blood pressure levels. Moreover, these legumes can naturally control blood pressure levels. When purchasing black eyed peas, be sure to purchase the regular ones. The canned versions can sometimes be full of preservatives that can spike up blood pressure levels.

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