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Everything About Chinese Chives


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Chinese chives, which are sometimes simply called garlic chives, are a type of chive that is native to Southwestern regions of China. These plants get their nickname of garlic chives because of the way they take on a distinct, yet subtle garlic flavor. Not only do they have the taste of garlic, but they are known for their slightly onion taste as well, making one Chinese chive plant a powerhouse of complex flavor. Eating Chinese chives will deliver high amounts of nutrients like vitamins and minerals to help you achieve your recommended daily value while also bringing you a potent dose of antioxidants.

Chinese Chives

Fresh chives

What are Chinese chives?

Chinese chives, also known as garlic chives, are a type of onion that is native to parts of the Southwestern Chinese province of Shanxi. They have also been cultivated in other parts of Asia, but because of their origins in China, they are named for the country. Garlic chives are a bright green herb that adds a slightly garlicky flavor to your food without the need for adding cloves of garlic to it. They are subtle in flavor and the garlic-onion flavor profile is often sought for adding more complex flavors to dishes.

What do Chinese chives taste like?

Chinese chives offer a blend of flavors that combine onion and a garlic clove. But instead of providing a blast of both flavors, these Chinese chives make things much more subtle. They offer a hint of garlic and a dash of onion that gives them a unique flavor that won't overpower the dish of whatever they are used in.

How do you cook with Chinese chives?

Cooking with Chinese chives is as simple as it would be to cook with any other chives, simply by cooking them up and adding them to food. You can simmer them in soups and stews to steep them and spread their flavor out, or you can sprinkle them on as a garnish. They also make a nice finishing touch in salads.

What are the health benefits of eating Chinese chives?

Eating Chinese chives is a good move for health-conscious people who want to help reach their recommended daily values of various nutrients. Not only are they high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants but also are remarkably low-calorie food with one tablespoon bringing with it only one calorie and less than a gram of fat.If you're looking for this product, visit our marketplace.

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