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Health benefits to eating young coconut


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Young coconut is simply a coconut that is harvested early in its growth process when the shell is still green. The meat inside of a young coconut is white and soft, giving off a sort of gelatinous, wet property that gives it a higher concentration of coconut water. These types of coconuts have a milky, sweet, slightly creamy, and subtle salty flavor. While young coconuts are largely loved for their coconut water content, they are also full of beneficial compounds such as a high concentration of antioxidants and electrolytes that help to hydrate like none other.


What is coconut?

Coconut is a fruit that grows on palm trees, a tree that is the only known species that belongs to the Cocos genus. Coconuts have a fizzy, brown exterior that is rough and coarse, and when it is cut into, there is white fruit along the inside that is sweet and delicious. This tropical fruit is well-loved for its unique flavor and is both eaten and consumed as a beverage through coconut water and coconut milk.


What is a "young coconut?"

A young coconut is a coconut that has not quite grown to its full size. They are harvested early in the growth process, which makes them young. Once the flesh is peeled away, it shows off a white husk inside with a cylindrical shape that has a pointed tip.

young coconut

Young Coconuts

What does young coconut taste like?

The young coconut is similar to the taste of a fully developed, ripened coconut in that it is slightly milky but not quite as creamy as older coconuts. It is subtly sweet with just a bit of a salty flavor. The flesh of a young coconut is also soft and delicate, almost like a jelly. This makes it easier to eat than the meat of fully formed coconuts and gives it a more unique texture. The coconut water that is inside of this type of coconut is able to be easily tasted.

Are there any health benefits to eating young coconut?

Many people prefer young coconut over fully ripened coconut because of the potential to sap out the coconut water inside of it. Eating young coconuts not only delivers all of the electrolytes of coconut water but also has antioxidant properties that are known to help restore damage caused by oxidation. If you're looking for this product, visit our marketplace.

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