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7 Reasons You Should Start Eating Shimeji Mushrooms


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The Shimeji mushroom, which is also known as white beech, is a mushroom native to North Europe and East Asia. It is a highly nutritious mushroom with desirable taste anyone will love. Loaded with various nutrients and minerals, these delicious, crunchy mushrooms offer lots of health benefits to humans. It is easy to grow and has no reported side effects.

Shimeji Mushrooms

image source: Wikipedia

In this article are some few health benefits of the Shimeji mushrooms, and why you should start eating them today.

Why You Should Start Eating Shimeji Mushrooms

It is rich in various nutrients

The Shimeji mushrooms are rich in various nutrients that greatly benefit your health. It is rich in nutrients like protein and fiber. And its low-fat content makes it a great choice for people living with heart conditions. Shimeji mushrooms also contain calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, copper, and zinc. So you can never run dry of minerals when you regularly have a bowl of the mushroom. It is also loaded with ergosterol steroids, riboflavin, provitamin D2, niacin, and biotin. You can now see it’s important you add this mushroom to your list today.

It helps fight against parasite infections

The mushroom contains protease enzymes which have nematicidal effects on parasites like Panagrellus redivivus. It also helps fight bovine infective larvae, which affects plants, animals, and humans. Therefore, including Shimeji mushrooms in your meal will provide you the protection you need against many parasite diseases.

They are low in cholesterol

Shimeji mushrooms are rich in dietary fiber which helps promotes the fecal excretion of bile acids and reduce insulin response. This means Shimeji mushroom powders may not only help reduce serum total cholesterol levels, but also atherosclerotic lesion formation.

Shimeji Mushrooms

image source: Wikipedia

It has anti-fungal properties

Do you suffer regular fungi infections? Consuming more Shimeji mushrooms might just be what you need to do. The mushroom contains hypsin, a ribosome-inactivating protein that helps fight against various forms of pathogenic fungi.

It helps reduce the risk of hypertension

These mushrooms contain angiotensin I-converting enzyme (ACEA) inhibitors. This is an oligopeptide that may be helpful in reducing blood pressure and cut down the risk of stroke in hypertension patients.

Shimeji mushrooms have anti-inflammatory properties

The mushroom is loaded with polysaccharides, flavonoids, and phenolic compounds. This makes it great for inhibiting inflammatory cytokines and oxidative stress. This makes it great for protecting against liver failure too. So if you regularly have lung failure due to inflammatory responses, it may serve as a natural remedy to combat it.

They are rich in antioxidants

You know what antioxidants do. Shimeji mushroom is rich in compounds like steroids, phenol, ascorbic acid, and flavonoids. All of these are biologically active components that fight free radicals and prevent oxidative stress-mediated diseases.

Are There Any Side Effects to Eating Shimeji Mushrooms?

So far, there have not been any side effects reported for eating Shimeji mushrooms. However, the mushroom deteriorates quickly after harvest because of browning, water loss, softening, and hollowing. This may thus have a great effect on consumer’s acceptability as it greatly reduces it.

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