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5 Surprising Health Benefits of Basil Seeds


Eating basil seeds has been one of the latest trends in the natural health sector. Although this practice has been on for many centuries, health experts recently started advising people to imbibe this practice. The reason for this is not far from the discovery of the amazing health benefits of adding basil seeds to daily meals.

Basil seeds

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What Are Basil Seeds?

Basil seeds are seeds one gets from the basil plant. All over the world, these seeds are recognized for their amazing health benefits. No wonder many people consider it a vital part of their nutritional diet. Other names for the basil seed include sabja seeds, tukmalanga seeds, tukmaria seeds and other popular names according to different tribes. The seed is popularly used in cuisines and dessert because it’s a rich source of minerals and vitamins. Although the seeds are scarce, their potential health benefits make them unique and increasingly popular. Below are some of the benefits of eating basil seeds.

Skin care

Basil seeds have a high concentration of flavonoid and antioxidants that stimulate the growth of new cells in the skin. This helps produce elements that protect the skin and nourishes it regularly. These antioxidants also weaken the free radicals that trigger the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes and age spots. When you regularly apply the seeds’ oil on the face, it reduces the appearance of scars and wrinkle spots on the face.

Weight loss

Basil seeds have high fiber content. This helps to enhance bowel movement, thereby making you stool regularly to avoid the build-up of waste in the body. When you eat the seeds, they swell up and fill your stomach, leaving no room for eating foods high in calories. If you do this regularly, you will notice a drastic weight loss over time.

Controls Blood Pressure

According to research, basil seeds contain a high amount of potassium that can directly reduce the blood pressure level of any individual. It drags down strain in the cardiovascular system by relaxing all forms of tension in the nerves and arteries. This helps the heart relax and control the pressure of the blood.

Basil Seeds

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Diseases Prevention

The presence of antioxidants and Vitamin A in basil seeds can help to reduce chronic inflammation in the bones. Besides this, the seed contains numerous phytochemicals, which help it fight infections by boosting the body’s immune.

Controls blood sugar level

The high dietary fiber content of basil seeds helps it control the blood sugar level of an individual. Most people who have diabetes find these seeds useful as a way of managing their sugar level. If you take just a glass of basil seeds oil and water in the morning for up to two weeks, it can regulate your glucose level and prevent it from rising beyond a specific limit. Conclusively, the health benefits of basil seeds are numerous. Though we discussed a fraction of these benefits, we hope you find them useful as you plan to consume more of these seeds.