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How healthy is Jasmine tea?


Jasmine tea is said to have many positive effects on health, which however,  are not all scientifically proven. But please keep in mind that a series of valuable ingredients which make it, just like green tea, at least to a health-promoting pleasure drink, whose fragrance alone balances the soul.

Ingredients of jasmine tea: vitamins, minerals, tannins and caffeine

Just like coffee, jasmine tea contains caffeine, but in contrast to caffeine known from coffee, it occurs in combination with tannin, so that it enters the organism more slowly. Therefore, jasmine tea is less stimulating than refreshing and invigorating. The caffeine content of the tea varies from variety to variety, because it depends on whether the tea production mainly uses caffeine-free leaves or buds with higher concentration. In jasmine tea, there are a lot of important vitamins such as A, B 12 and C in the green tea and the minerals fluor, magnesium, potassium, copper, nickel and many others. It also contains, among others, tannins, EGCG, essential oils and saponins.

Effects on body and soul

Jasmin Tea

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Some of these substances can, for example, keep harmful darmbacteria in check, others inhibit blood coagulation or help against influenza or caries bacteria. In the case of various cancer diseases, in particular lung cancer, tea is also given a preventive protective function. Furthermore, jasmine tea is to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, strengthen the immune system and prevent arterial diseases. Finally, the essential oils have a positive effect on the psychological and emotional balance. And last, but not least, jasmine tea is praised as a slimming-maker, but despite its probably supporting function in weight loss is not a miracle weapon. Notwithstanding all measurable effects, a good tea is always a pleasure, and if you want to enjoy the aroma of the jasmine tea and perhaps even relax in a tea ceremony according to Chinese tradition, you can completely hide any everyday stress.