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Finger Roots and its Exceptional Benefits


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Finger roots are tropical plants that can only thrive in the humid environment of Asia and Africa. They have a thick rhizome and can grow up to 30 cm below the earth surface and about 12 cm above the soil. Finger roots are also known as bosenbergia rotunda in biology and they come with broad leaves so that they can grab enough sunlight for photosynthesis. The plant grows in lowland areas rather than dense vegetation. Its flowers are in yellow, white and pink shades of glow.

Finger Root

image source: Wikipedia

Every piece of the finger roots, also known as lady's finger, has a lot of potential. Its bark, resin, and leaves are all a potential source of vitamins, minerals and essential oils which are quite beneficial to society. It’s not mistaken that the Chinese and smaller Asian countries use the plant for traditional healing purpose. Every part of this magical plant offers a million health benefits to you.

Weight Loss/Obesity

World Health Organization reports that 65% of adults suffer from obesity. These statistics, released about three years ago, are a pointer to the negative impact of obesity, a killer disease. Finger roots contain antioxidants that help destroy the storage of fat in the body, thereby aiding fast metabolism. The plan reduces the effect of damage caused by enormous fat absorption on the liver, which means it protects you from experiencing liver diseases like jaundice, among others.

Prevents Ulcer

Ulcer is a bad stomach problem that is caused by the Helicobacter pylori bacteria. The effects of these bacteria result in pain and discomfort. Finger roots have been found to contain certain antimicrobial substances that attack these bacteria and render them inactive.

Fights Dental Caries and Tooth Decay

Streptococcus mutans and lactobacillus bacteria attack the tooth cavity due to the slow breakdown of sucrose in the mouth. An important element in finger roots as an extract is capable of fighting against tooth decay. This extract can also be used as an additive for mouthwash.

Strengthen Antibodies against HIV

Finger roots are effective antibody boosters that can arrest the growth of HIV in the body. This plant helps individuals suffering from HIV to manage their current condition. The combination of finger roots and other relevant drugs is sure to maintain sound health in a patient. You will also find this natural option for managing HIV cheaper when compared to expensive drugs.

Attacks Bacteria

Monocytogenes and S. Aires in this herb help to keep your body from any harmful effect of bacteria. They strengthen your defenses against pathogenic infections like typhoid fever, pneumonia, tetanus, and Tuberculosis. Using the edible leaves and oil extracts consistently either by drinking or as an external use has excellent effects in fighting bacteria.

Heals Cholera and Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a big health concern throughout the world that has reduced the mortality rate of children and adults. The good news is that finger roots can address the effect of this ailment effectively. Cook the rhizome under small heat and administer the boiled stem to patients in the morning and night. For best results, administer the liquid form when diarrhea is detected. Conclusively, there is no limit to the health benefits of the finger root. However, it’s best you to take it with care and professional advice.

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