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Rogaska Donat Mg - the world's most magnesium rich mineral water


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Rogaska Donat Mg

What's special about Rogaska Donat Mg? Most people are unaware of the role and importance of magnesium in the functioning of the organism. Magnesium is one of the most important minerals and is essential for good health. Experts have determined that the recommended daily dose of magnesium for adults is 375 mg. The amount of an element as important as magnesium is carefully regulated by the body. If cells begin to lack magnesium, the body replaces it from its own stores – from the bones and the liver. If the balance of magnesium is negative, the following general signs of deficiency quickly become apparent: constipation, loss of appetite, feeling unwell, fatigue, low energy, muscle spasms, pins and needles, irritability, sleep disorders, headaches, poor concentration and psychological changes.


Rogaska Donat Mg

Due to the modern way of life, more and more people have problems with slow digestion and constipation. Most people believe that their digestion is in order even if they have only 2 to 3 bowel movements weekly, not knowing that this is actually a sign of slow digestion. A healthy person has at least one bowel movement daily. Although each person has his or her own digestive rhythm, difficult, infrequent bowel movements less than once daily with a feeling of incomplete bowel evacuation and bloating can in most cases be labelled as slow digestion, which can lead to chronic constipation due to poor diet and insufficient exercise. Such problems usually begin at a young age but are more frequent with advancing years. A clinical study, conducted on a sample of subjects with constipation problems based on clinical parameters, has scientifically proven that Donat Mg is effective in stimulating digestion and improving quality of life. 

Possible causes of constipation include

  • Industrial ready-made foods, full of unhealthy fats and sugar and with too many carbohydrates. Rogaska Donat Mg metabolic residues stay in the body, sticking to walls and slowing down digestion, thus causing constipation and poisoning the organism. Furthermore, Rogaska Donat Mg prevents the absorption of nutrients and present an excellent breeding ground for harmful bacteria. 
  • Insufficient physical activity, and thus lack of stimulation of digestive organs.
  • Certain psychological or personality traits, such as bitterness, phlegmatic personality, thriftiness, compulsive perfectionism, sadness and, of course, stress, which seems unavoidable these days.
  • Insufficient daily liquid intake. As a rule, a person should drink 2 to 2.5 litres of liquid a day, preferably water or unsweetened tea. The elderly especially should be very careful, as they tend to drink too little because they do not feel as much thirst.
  • Frequent use of laxatives, which deprives the body of potassium, which in turn leads to lethargy, nausea and intestinal insensitivity.
  • Other medical reasons

To alleviate these problems

  • Eat food that is rich in fibre, such as fresh vegetables;
  • Drink at least 2 litres of water daily;
  • Eat as much unprocessed food and whole-wheat grains as possible;
  • Limit meat intake;
  • Have fruit instead of sweets.

How Donat Mg helps with constipation

Because of its hyperosmolarity, Donat Mg is a natural osmotic laxative. It is classified as a saline laxative. Its effectiveness as a laxative is due to sulphate salts (magnesium sulphate or Epsom salt and sodium sulphate or Glauber’s salt) and around 1000 mg/l of magnesium. Sulphates draw water from the cells of the intestinal wall by osmosis, increasing the volume of intestinal content 3 to 5 times; this exerts pressure on the intestinal wall and triggers its peristalsis or movement. Magnesium also additionally stimulates the intestinal hormones that boost peristalsis. Important: Please adhere to the recommended intake. If consumed in excessive quantities, diarrhoea may occur, but this should stop when you cease drinking the Donat Mg.

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