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What is Brandy and how to choose it?


Brandy is a popular dark liquor that is in fact “burned wine” or in other words, a liquor distilled from wine. It can also be distilled from other fruit wines like apples and pears. Amongst the multiple types of brandy that are available, the most popular one is Cognac (also known as Hennessy). Cognac is made from special grapes that are native to a particular region in France. After a long day of work, coming home and cozying up to a warm glass of brandy is a feeling unlike any other.

Types of Brandy

Have you ever seen a bottle that states VS (Very Special) or has three stars? That is a unique symbol or term to tell you how long it has aged. If it has either of the two labels, it means that the brandy has been aging for at least two years. VSOP (Very Special Old Pale) has aged for at least four years while XO (Extra Old) has aged for at least six years. Hors d’age is a very special brandy that has aged for at least 10 years. This one typically has the year it was made on it. Brandy Croft is one of the oldest types of brandy and is produced in a "Croft House". It is produced from the finest wines and a well-established formula, making Brandy Croft a renowned fine brandy. In terms of taste and aroma, Brandy Croft boasts a mild taste and an earthy aroma. Most brandies typically range from 70-120 proof meaning that 35%-60% of the drink is alcohol; so in comparison to beer or wine, it is pretty strong. It is also most times stronger than, vodka whose proof range from 90-100 meaning 45%-50% is alcohol.


How does it look?


Brandy’s golden brown color looks rich and makes you feel just like that when sipping it. The color is derived from the aging process or added after to deepen or enhance it. People typically enjoy their brandy as is, but if you aren’t a fan you can add it to a cocktail. Popular cocktails include the hot toddy and dark and stormy. Some also recommend drinking it with citrus drinks since the combo is perfect- even a quick squeeze of lime or wedge will do. You can also try different temperatures since it influences the flavor notes that come out.

They say the smoother the better and this drink is no different. The longer the aging process, the smoother and more pronounced the flavors are. Now that you have expanded your knowledge, you can properly enjoy your favorite brands. Or, take a trip down the brandy aisle and pick up your very first bottle to impress your guests and family.